Dean Martin Song

Having already produced 3 albums of Dean Martin songs, I love the man. ‘How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning’, typifies the nature of Martin. Fun loving with a razor sharp wit, he seemed to always brighten everyone’s spirit. Dino’s songs are always full of charm and romance.
Johnny Mathis Song

I have produced 2 albums of Mathis songs and have always been fascinated with his trademark emphasis on long sustained notes and heavy vibrato. The name alone is synonymous with romance. Being called the Velvet Voice, few singers have been as successful at capturing the essence of love in song. Mathis is one of only 5 recording artistes to have Top 40 hits spanning each of the 4 decades since 1955. His voice has been used in countless Hollywood movies for theme songs, background music and to enhance a particular setting.
Bobby Darin Song Carpenter Songs

Darin was a talented musician, playing the piano, guitar and drums, singer, songwriter, actor and business entrepreneur. His active years were short, dying at the age of 37 from heart failure. His 1959 hit, ‘Mack the Knife’, sold 2 million copies and was No. 1 on the charts for 9 weeks. He received a Grammy Award, record of the year, in 1960 which was shortly followed by the hit ‘Beyond The Sea’.


Own Composition

Harry Curtis has performed at many venues in Cape Town, South Africa and  produced a number of albums, most being tributes to the great singers and  songwriters of yesteryear. His tributes have been to Bing Crosby, Perry Como,  Dean Martin, The Mills Brothers, England Dan John Ford Coley, David Gates, Tom  Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck.
Perry Como Songs

I have chosen 5 songs from Perry Como’s album ‘For the Young at Heart’. They all have ‘Young’ titles with a ‘Youth’ theme. Como has that ‘easy going’ style which puts one in a mellow and happy mood. Como was as loved and well known to his listeners and viewers as a member of their own family. As producer Mike Bernike stated in his album ‘So It Goes’, “the name Como became synonymous with the enjoyment of music everyone loves to hear. The sensitive and sweet dulcet tones of his melodious voice always seem to prompt memories , thoughts and moods to fit all seasons.” The songs ‘So It Goes’ and ‘Whats One More Time’ have been taken off this album. I so enjoyed Como’s renditions of ‘That Feeling in the Moonlight’, ’Over the Rainbow’ and ‘Wind Beneath my Wings’, that these just had to be produced, These are all great songs by a great guy.


Carpenter Songs

The 3 songs from the Karen and Richard Carpenter album ‘Reflections’ are favourites of mine. As Ray Coleman, the author of ‘The Carpenters: An Authorised Biography’ writes, they were built to last beyond fads and trends. Music lovers are attracted to the purity, intimacy, sentimentality and emotional resonance of Karen’s voice and the imaginative, impeccable direction chartered by Richard as the Carpenters producer and musical director. Their sound will be around for as long as music is played.


Tony Hazzard Songs

Tony is a English singer and songwriter. He has written songs for the Hollies (Listen to Me), Manfred Mann (Ha! Ha! Said the Clown/Fox on the Run), Lulu, The Yardbirds, Herman’s Hemits, The Tremeloes among others. He has produced 3 albums and continues to write music at his home in Cornwall. I enjoyed singing these selected songs from this great songwriter.


Produced & Arranged: Tony Drake
Recorded & Mixed: Tony Drake
Keyboard & Programming: Tony Drake
Vocals: Harry Curtis
Support Vocals: Natalie Grever