Perry Como’s mellow baritone and relaxed style, entertained music lovers for over 50 years. He was a private, family man with a gentle humour and blessed with such a wonderful talent. Perry began his solo career in 1943 and recorded hits right up until his last in 1977. He had over 100 singles reaching the American charts. This album has given me great pleasure both in the selection and singing of songs from the wide range performed by Perry. Memories of my late father singing most of these songs which have such beautiful words and melodies, is what is especially meaningful to me about this album. Thank you Perry Como.


I wish to express my gratitude to Tony Drake. What a talented musician, his exceptional musical arranging and producing skills have made the singing of these songs so immensely satisfying. A big thank you to Tony.


Keyboard and Programming: Tony Drake
Support Vocals: Natalie Grever
Recorded and Mixed at Lightway Studios
Tel: +27 21 788 9443 • email:
Engineered and arranged by:
Tony Drake (Lightway Studios)
Produced by: Tony Drake
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