Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma into a musical family David Gates has become a legend song writer and musician. David and his group Bread produced six albums between 1969 and 1976, many becoming gold and many singles being chart hits. David’s solo career up until 1981 produced five albums when he then opted to go ranching in the remote Northern California until 1994. From 1994 to date he has produced some of his best ballads. This album is a compilation of the songs which David has either written, sung or been a part of, the lyrics and melodies of which have touched my heart because of their beauty. Thank you David Gates.



I wish to express my gratitude to Tim Hoare, a wonderful friend and a person I have been so privileged to work with, for giving form to this compilation with all his enthu-siasm and dedication. I also thank all those people who have contributed to the making of this album and the realisation of my dream.



Keyboard: Tim Hoare
Guitarists: Eghard Volschenk, José Ikotela, Gavin Hillyard
Saxophone: Len Richey
Support Vocals: Tim Hoare
Recorded and Mixed at Sun Studios
Engineered and arranged by:
Tim Hoare (Sun Studios)
Produced by: Tim Hoare
Executive Producer: Harry Curtis
*All songs written by David Gates except those listed below:
Games Of Magic – Griffin / Royer*
Didn’t Even Know Her Name – Griffin / Gates*
Just Like Yesterday – Griffin*
Today’s The First Day – Griffin / Royer*
Picture In Your Mind – Harry Knechtel*
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