Harry Curtis

Biography / About Harry Curtis

Harry Curtis, an accountant by profession, started his singing career as recent as 2005. Harry has performed at a number of theatres, wine and golf estates and clubs in Cape Town over the past few years, enchanting audiences with songs sung by the great singers of yesteryear. After performing at a concert for emerging bands at the Dockside Theatre in Cape Town, producers Tim Hoare and Tony Drake convinced him to record some songs and see the results. Harry’s first two recordings were that of songs written by David Gates, the songwriter and leader of the band, Bread. These were so similar to the original recordings that Harry, with his love of Dave Gates songs, produced his first album ‘An African Tribute to David Gates’. He was so pleased with the outcome that he was eager to complete an album of songs sung by the much loved Perry Como. This he completed in a few months and both albums were released in December 2005.

Over his short singing career, Harry has produced 16 albums.

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